Ust Natha is a drowish kingdom located in the Underlands. The current king is Phaere Despane. The kingdom's international reputation is colored by the Fourteenth World War, which occurred several hundred years ago. The war resulted in the extinction of several races: Nedes (Proto-Men), Aldmer (Proto-Elves), Ayleid (Wild Elves/Heartland High Elves, Chimer (Changed Elf), Dwemer (Dwarves), and Falmer (Snow Elves). The war is believed to has cost the lives of 40% of all sentient beings in the world at the time, including over 90% of Drow.

The scars from the war are still incredibly raw: at the present date Drow are not permitted to be citizens of any nation state aside from Ust Natha, while travelling they are subjected to varying, generally harsh restrictions. The kingdom has spent the intervening centuries in isolation, building itself back into a military and economic powerhouse. In an attempt to reform their reputation, they have been spending considerable resources in an a program called the Perpetual Jubilee. The most famous part of this program is the exploits of the Order of the Open Fist, an organization of solitary (to avoid the appearance of invasion) mercenaries whose stated mission is good will. They have become famous in their 15 years of existence, with several heroic deeds to their name and not a single report of even a minor misdeed. Despite their track record, as Drows acolytes of The Fist are regarded with deep suspicion wherever they travel.

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